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X20 Baritone

3D Builder Guide

The X20 baritone combines our popular X20 body with an extended scale length for lower tunings and new sonic possibilities.

The extended range makes the baritone ideal for anyone looking to fill out the lower end of the tonal spectrum. The lower tunings available give it a distinct sound that is great for adding something different to a mix or production.

Our X20 body size gives perfect playability and a wealth of tones with our signature ergonomic curves and amazing strength and stability due to our one-piece carbon fiber construction. The X20 baritone helps you stand out from the crowd with unique sounds and aesthetics.

Discover the range of options available in our 3D builder and design your dream baritone today.

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The Emerald 3D Guitar Builder is the world’s most advanced custom design platform, with more options than you can shake a guitar pick at…

Design your dream guitar down to the last detail with the Emerald 3D Guitar Builder. Want to change your guitar’s color and hardware? No problem! Want to choose from over 40 veneer types to make your guitar truly unique? You got it!

x20 baritone
x20 baritone
x20 baritone
selection of emerald guitar's x20 baritone models

But that’s just the beginning. The Emerald 3D Guitar Builder lets you choose from a variety of pick-ups, strings, neck widths, fret radius, and scale lengths, so you can create the guitar that feels and sounds just right for you. 

And with an interface that’s as intuitive as it is fun, you can design your dream guitar in no time at all. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, let your imagination run wild and get ready to rock out with your very own custom-made Emerald Guitar!

Colour Options

x20 baritone
Colour options for Emerald Guitars 3D builder
x20 baritone

Customize your guitar using our 3D Builder to select between standard or vibrant weave carbon fiber options.

Standard weave offers a darker pattern, while vibrant weave boasts a brighter, more lively pattern, accentuating a broader array of tones across the available colors.

With up to eight color choices available to complement the carbon fiber on each model, our 3D Builder is the ultimate canvas for personalization.

Real Wood Veneer

While tone is key, aesthetics are an important consideration in guitar design. Some players love the look of carbon fiber, and its aesthetic impact. 

Selection of Emerald Guitars Veneer choices


Selection of Emerald Guitars Veneer choices



Others prefer the wood look. If you’re a fan of beautiful veneers, we have a remarkable and ever-changing selection of over 40 real wood veneers.

Your chosen veneer will be crafted into the top of the instrument for the best of both worlds: the stability and reliability of our carbon fiber construction and the natural beauty of an exotic wood veneer.

Pickup & Bridge Options

We choose our pickups from the finest manufacturers from around the world to suit the needs of our players and to best capture and reproduce the wonderful tones on offer from our instruments.

Each Emerald model has its own distinct voice, and our 3D Guitar Builder will guide you in choosing the most suitable pickups for each guitar. 

Emerald Inlay Design

Make your guitar yours with a selection of custom neck inlays. A range of patterns are available, many of which feature Celtic designs, in a nod to Emerald Guitars’ Irish heritage and the rural landscape in which the instruments are crafted.

You can also customize a message on the 12th fret, adding an extra layer of personalization to your dream guitar, making it uniquely yours. 
Emerald guitars 12th fret custom design

New era of custom guitar design

When choosing the elements for each part of your custom guitar, you’ll see the updated choices live-as-you-go in the 3D Builder. You can even change the environment in which you view the guitars, switching from a standard white studio background to the Emerald Cottage, to see how your guitar looks in different scenarios.

Hi-Tech Carbon

Carbon fiber is now used in all the most high tech industries from Aerospace to Formula one Racing where strength and weight is paramount. In fact it was in Formula One Power Boat racing that we discovered that the properties of carbon fiber are also perfectly suited to guitar making creating a lightweight structure that holds up under the tension of the strings while resonating freely with the lightest touch.

Weather Resistant

If you have ever traveled with a guitar you will know just how much temperature and humidity changes can effect the structure, tuning stability and tone of a guitar. This is where carbon fibre construction really excells. Now you can take your guitar from a cold car to a warm stage without worrying that your going to go out of tune after the first strum. 

Unique Manufacturing Process
Over the years Emerald have refined their unique one piece moulding technology that allows the entire guitar to be moulded together in one piece. 
The entire neck and body are moulded together in one piece giving a guitar that is incredibly strong and stable with no joints to fail and this in turn makes a guitar with incredible resonance and sustain.

X20 Baritone Videos

Video Playlist
1/10 videos
Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone (Tahitian Skies)
Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone (Tahitian Skies)
Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone (Improv)
Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone (Improv)
Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone
Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone
Emerald Guitars X20 Baritone - Moonlight 32
Emerald Guitars X20 Baritone - Moonlight 32
X20 Baritone - Long Black Veil (A,D,G,C,E,A)
X20 Baritone - Long Black Veil (A,D,G,C,E,A)
Don Alder - Marshall&#039s Lanai (Emerald Guitars X20 - Baritone)
Don Alder - Marshall's Lanai (Emerald Guitars X20 - Baritone)
Don Alder - Wok the Dog (Emerald Guitars X20 Baritone)
Don Alder - Wok the Dog (Emerald Guitars X20 Baritone)
Don Alder - Arrows Will Fly (Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone)
Don Alder - Arrows Will Fly (Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone)
Don Alder - Armed And Dangerous (Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone)
Don Alder - Armed And Dangerous (Emerald Guitars - X20 Baritone)
Don Alder - Sophrosyne (Emerald Guitars X20 - Baritone)
Don Alder - Sophrosyne (Emerald Guitars X20 - Baritone)

Reinvigorating my desire to play

The X20-Baritone sounds fantastic and is very comfortable to play. It’s reinvigorating my desire to play guitar and just love the deep rich sound it has.
- Joe Olsen
Emerald Guitars with international flag designs promoting global music unity and cultural diversity

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