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Alex Ryan reviewing Emerald X20 guitar

Alex Ryan On The X20

'...Impervious to humidity, tough... really pretty'

At Emerald Guitars, we’re always interested in finding out more about our customers. When planning his review video of the Emerald Guitars X20, radiologist Alex Ryan’s objective was to make the video which he would want to see if he was shopping for one of our guitars. Getting into great detail on the X-20, its ergonomics, sound and construction, Alex informs the viewer why he believes Emerald Guitars is ‘departing from all the constraints that have beleaguered acoustic guitar construction for generations.’

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Our signature dreadnought, the X20 is Emerald’s most popular model. Featuring a rich and full acoustic sound, as well as the unique innovations that we have proudly developed at Emerald Guitars, its comfort, versatility, sound and durability piqued Alex’s interest. Contextualizing our X20 with two other wood-based guitars, Alex goes into great detail on the benefits of carbon fiber, as well as the X20’s many design options and tonal possibilities. He also explains to the viewer what makes this X20 feel like ‘his guitar.’

Alex’s scientific deep-dive into the X20 model covers all bases; including sound samples from the front of the guitar, and also from the player’s perspective, as well as the ergonomics of the X-20 and how comfortable it feels in the hands of the player. We have no doubt it will help you make an informed decision when purchasing an Emerald Guitar.

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See Alistair & Alex talk all things Emerald Guitars on the Emerald Guitars Podcast here

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