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Sam Branson

Introduce yourself:

Hello, I’m Waves Rush In AKA Sam Branson and I’m a singer songwriter based in Oxfordshire, UK. I followed my lifelong dream of becoming an artist in 2020, after a series of pointers led me to start releasing music.

How you heard about / found Emerald Guitars:

I actually came across Emerald online whilst I was geeking out on guitar videos. Straight away I was enamoured by the beauty and uniqueness. Not only are they beautiful but they are the most organic sounding carbon guitars I had come across and cause I travel so much it was a no brainer.

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Your thoughts on emerald:

Where to start…I absolutely love Emerald! I’ve got quite the guitar collection but my favourite two to play hands down are Emeralds. Firstly, I love that they’re made from Carbon Fiber and that Alistair’s passion in building Formula 1 powerboats was transferred into building these epic guitars. The wood on the guitars is really beautiful, not just visually but I love the warmer, organic sound that comes from the wood casing (as opposed to the tinny sound many other Carbon guitars give off). I love the detail of the neck and how it feels like you’re playing electric guitar. Love the positioning of the sound hole at the top of the guitar instead of the middle, this makes for a stronger guitar and you’ve got the sound right by your face which makes sense.

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What projects you have been working on:

I’ve been working on a pretty big project recently! My second album, Equilibrium, is due to be released in May with the rest of the tracks over the course of a year, super pumped! This has been a really interesting and self-affirming time as an artist as this body of work has taken a slightly different direction than my previous album and EPs, in that the songs are shorter in length.

It’s really me focusing and doubling down on what I want to give out and make people feel. Equilibrium is inspired by the success of my first album’s title track, Under The Static, which became the most-streamed song from the record amassing 1.4 million streams alone as of today and it’s only 1.15 minutes long. 

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The new music is a compilation of twelve meaningful and impactful short songs forming a transcendent experience giving listeners an emotive journey over the course which hopefully evokes positive reflection and emotion. The songs act as chapters conveying innocence, doubt, belief and intention through reflective insights and wisdom I’ve gained along my life journey so far.

Exciting times ahead!

We are announcing the new Album on the 24th May, with the first track ‘Like a Hero’ being released on 31st May. 

Here’s the pre-save link: 

IG and Tik Tok: @wavesrushin

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Introduce yourself: Hello, I’m Waves Rush In AKA Sam Branson and I’m a singer songwriter based in Oxfordshire, UK. I followed my lifelong dream of

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