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A Guitar That Does It All — Without Compromise. Meet the X10

Johnny Gallagher Insights On The Emerald X10

Alistair Hay’s thoughts on Emerald’s X10 model

It’s no secret that I have a love for the electric guitar. I have been asked many times why Emerald doesn’t build electrics. Well, in many ways, I would love to, but right now I feel we have much more still to offer in the world of acoustic instruments, so that is where our focus remains.

But what if we could combine those worlds a little bit?

And that’s what we have done with the X10 — an acoustic guitar with a full rich & natural voice when played acoustically as well as amplified. The X10 has a slimmer more electric style neck, features a fully adjustable bridge, and a custom made Krivo Humbucker. Oh, and we added an option for Midi just for some extra spice.

When you design something that fits between two worlds, you run the risk of creating something that does a lot of things, but doesn’t do any of them really well. So I was very conscious that this guitar needed to stand on its own and create its own purpose to exist, and that is CREATIVE EXPRESSION!

As an acoustic guitar, the X10 feels and sounds great, and it has a full voice. When amplified it is rich, powerful, and very resistant to feedback.

As an electric guitar, the Krivo pickup gives you lush beautiful tones that you can run effects through.

When you combine the Ghost and Krivo pickup systems, that’s when you get something that is greater than the sum of its parts. The ability to combine the piezo and magnetic pickups and split them from the stereo output to an acoustic and electric amp allows you to layer up some really unique tones. If you feel really creative, you can blend in some midi sounds to give your sound a whole other dimension.

The possibilities truly are endless!

“As a luthier, I design guitars with an imagination of the music they will eventually create, and that is what inspires and drives me. I know with the X10 it will inspire new music and enable new creative possibilities, and of this I am very proud.” –Alistair Hay

X10 Key points

  • One pice carbon fibre construction for stability, tonality and accuracy
  • Ergonomic body design
  • Slim & fast neck
  • Three pickup options, Level 1-Piezo, Level 2- Piezo and humbucker, Level 3– Piezo, Humbucker and Midi

Mark Black’s in-depth review of the X10’s capabilities (Lv1, 2 & 3)

  • ergonomics,
  • full access cutaway
  • fast neck
  • amp configurations
  • pick up possibilities
  • full breakdown of the X10 levels 1, 2 & 3

The feel, sound, and full voice of an acoustic blended with the rich, powerful, feedback-resistant tone of an electric, the X10 combines the two worlds of acoustic and electric into a single guitar without compromising either. To learn more about Emerald’s X10 model, visit
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“Someone recently asked me what I would build if I were to build myself a guitar, and I would probably build myself an X10 Level 3 because I love the versatility. I love the versatility of the magnetic pickup, piezos, and midi. I really enjoy messing around with the different sounds and combining them together — it’s just a fun guitar to play.” —Alistair Hay

The X10 combines the two worlds of acoustic and electric into a single guitar without compromising either. Learn more by watching Alistair’s overview of Emerald’s X10 model. Learn more by watching Alistair’s overview of Emerald’s X10 model.

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