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Robert demonstrates his Amicus short scale 12-string

Emerald customer Robert LeBlanc has kindly sent us a video he recorded on his Amicus short scale 12-string.

Robert who is playing an original piece called life on his Amicus 12-string, is a professional musician who wears many hats from deep south Louisiana, near Lake Charles and first became aware of us through Facebook. 

“I was immediately drawn to the design as I had been searching for the perfect acoustic instrument for many years. It was the look that first grabbed my attention, but when I started to research the specifications, process and materials used I knew I had to dig deeper.

“When I discovered Emerald uses stainless steel fretwire I knew they were the perfect guitars for me.  No more frequent maintenance and fret jobs.  My only last concern was really what would the tone of carbon fiber guitars be like.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised.  I could not be happier with Emerald Guitars.

“You see, I have always had trouble with my acoustic guitars living in Louisiana.  It’s such a hot and humid climate that it really affects the instruments more and more over time.  The guitars I would get would always play fantastic for about a year and then I would notice gradual problems that a lot of other people might not notice. 

“Over several years the guitars would actually begin to have cracks in the clear coat and ‘bridge belly’ which is terrible for the action and playability.  I also eat through frets very quickly so over the past two years I have had all of my electric guitars refretted with EVO frets.” 

Emerald trio

Robert owns an Amicus short scale 12-string and an X20, both green Woodys featuring quilted maple green tops and LR Baggs Anthem electronics. He also owns a matching X5 which, in fact, was one of the last to be built. After receiving it, he kindly sent us a video featuring the X5 Woody.

“I truly love everything about these guitars.  When I enter my studio and see them waiting for me I am taken aback by their beauty every time.  I just have to pick them up and play.  Once I begin to play them I feel inspired to write something new every time.  When I play the X20 the sound is projected right up to my ears and it’s lovely. It feels powerful. I can feel every note resonating through the instrument into my hands. 

“I lowered the saddles on all three of them because I prefer a very low action.  Once I did that I experienced just how incredibly easy they are to play as well.  The curvatures on the X20 make it completely comfortable to play for long periods of time.  It actually fits me like a tailored suit.  The Anthem pickup system is by far the best sounding acoustic pickup I’ve ever heard.  I’ve tried them all and was never satisfied until now.

Teaching and touring

Robert is a G.I.T. graduate and educator for nearly 20 years. He also perform in many different types of scenarios from large musicals to being a hired guitarist.  “I’ve performed in Jesus Christ Superstar, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Grease to name a few.  I’ve also performed with many Christian artists such as Vicki Yohe, Clint Brown and Ricardo Sanchez. 

“I also play guitar for the legendary Queen Of Disco Gloria Gaynor.  When I’m not performing I spend my days teaching private lessons, writing and recording my own projects and numerous other local talented artists.  I am currently working on my first acoustic studio album.  I am also a professional videographer and run a live sound company.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert for sending us this fantastic video. If you would like to find out more about Robert LeBlanc, be sure to check out his website and subscribe to his YouTube channel. To find out more about our short scale 12-string, the Amicus, click here to be directed to the product page.

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