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While Alistairs vision at Emerald Guitars has always focused on acoustic guitars his love for sculpture and electric guitars has led him to build some of the most unique and famous pieces of playable art the music world has ever seen.

After the success of the Ultra guitar Alistair was commissioned to build the Alien guitar and it was the remarkable design of the Alien that in 2008 caught the eye of Chinese artist Wang Leehom who was seeking a very special instrument for his upcoming Music Man tour.


When Leehom contacted Alistair about building a Dragon guitar for him in the summer of 2008 Alistair had actually ceased making guitars for a period of time to focus on other areas of business but this commission really caught his attention and quickly a design was created and approved.


building bahamut
building bahamut

Alistair was only given 5 weeks to complete this masterpiece to have it ready in time for the tour so Alistair dedicated 18 hour days, 6 days per week until finally the dragon was complete. 

Leehom received the guitar in Taipei and revealed the much anticipated beast to the world and named him Bahamut. 

Bahamut took centre stage in Leehoms performances to huge audiences all over asia and soon became a household name. 

Reflecting on the success of Bahamut Alistair says “ I could never have guessed how much my work would become admired in Asia but I am incredibly grateful of this commission as it brought me back into guitar making at a very important time in my life”.

Leehom continues to entertain audiences around the world with Bahamut as his co-star who has now become very possibly the most famous guitar in the world.

Bahamut Guitar´s Wang Leehom
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