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Steve Vai and the Ultra Guitar

Ultra Guitar story ​

It was when Alistair went to college in 1992 that he was first introduced to the music of Steve Vai and it had such an impact that the very next Week Alistar went out and purchased his very first guitar. 

A move that would Fuel Alistair’s passion for guitars and lead him to start building guitars from carbon fiber in 1998. 

 After a few years of guitar development Alistair found himself at a Steve Vai concert during the Ultra Zone tour on 13th March 2000, watching his hero come out on stage dressed like the Alien from the album cover with the album cover artwork making the stage backdrop but to Alistair’s eye there was one thing missing. The Ultra Guitar. 


 Steve wasn’t playing the guitar from the album artwork because so far it did not exist. 

 Inspired from seeing his hero play live for the very first time Alistair went home the very next day and started to build the fantasy guitar from the album cover. 

 Over the next year Alistair spent over 1000 hours completing this masterpiece and after meeting Steve at NAMM show in 2001 a plan was put together to deliver the guitar to Steve at the Harmony hut studio in LA. 

 What a moment it was for Alistair to present a guitar to his hero and inspiration. 

 Steve loved the design and later went on to perform all over the world with this one of a kind piece of playable art. 

 Steve was later shocked to find out years later that the Ultra guitar was actually the first guitar to ever leave Alistair’s factory and is considered guitar zero in the sequence of instruments built to date. 

Steve once asked Alistair how he knew he could build the Ultra Guitar.

Alistair simply replied “I didn’t know i couldn’t” 

Allistar with Steve Vai - Ultra Guitar
Stevei Vai playing the Ultra Guitar Live
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