Emerald Guitars are breaking new barriers and selling carbon fiber guitars direct only

Over the past few years we have worked closer and closer with our customers and we came to the realisation that we are not just building carbon fiber guitars, we are creating stories.

We have continued to break down the barriers between the customer and ourselves. With that in mind we have taken the bold step to sell direct-only to our customers from 2016.

While we built up the business we were using the more traditional sales route through a dealer network. But as we moved beyond that and started to work more closely with our customers, in particular on custom work, we decided to embrace the natural evolution that was occurring.

Alistair said: “The direct feedback from our customers has been a very positive thing and has definitely moulded how we are building our guitars. It also allows us to create a special package that is only possible by working directly with the customer.

Fantastic relationship

Getting to know our customers better has allowed Alistair to build a fantastic relationship with them. “We get to learn from our customers as we get to know them. It’s very much a two-way thing, we’re building carbon fiber guitars, but they are telling us how we should build them.

“As a business owner, the customers are the most important and most interesting part of the business and going direct was the natural thing for us to do.

“The internet and social media have played an important part in getting to know our customers and also has enabled us to showcase our work to a world-wide audience; Whether you are here in Ireland, Australia or the United States, you’re only a click away.

“What we are trying to do is build long-term relationships with our customers and being in direct contact with you enables us to give the best service and experience possible,” said Alistair.

If you have a query on any of our products, contact us any time via e-mail sales@emeraldguitars.com, Facebook: ‘Emerald Guitars’ or Twitter: @EmeraldGuitars

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