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Emeralds Cocobolo Journey

For the last number of years, I have been searching the world and building a collection of the finest wood veneers that nature has to offer. We love building carbon guitars but when you combine the strength and stability of carbon with the natural beauty of exotic wood then you get something really special.

Its always hard for me to choose a favourite but in recent months the builds that have repeatedly taken my breath away are the Cocobolo.

I first came across Cocobolo a few years ago when Duncan approached me about building a custom guitar that had contrasting heartwood at the centre. We did some searching and found a beautiful piece of Cocobolo and make a really special X20 custom. This, in turn, sparked many other requests for similar guitars and in many ways, this is what took us down a new path of using such exotic woods on our guitar tops.

 More recently this year Tony Polecastro released a demo review of an X20 Cocobolo and this sparked a whole new wave of interest in this beautiful veneer. At the time that was the last piece of Cocobolo we had in stock but we managed to secure some new shipments and so over the past 6 months, we have been building some of the most unique and beautiful guitars to ever come out of our factory.

We currently have a really nice inventory of Cocobolo that fits almost all of our models so if you would like to have us build something special and unique then perhaps Cocobolo is the right choice for you.


 ‎Tony Polecastro X20 Cocobolo Review

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