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Discover the Emerald Guitars X30 Blog

Discover the Emerald X30

Big Jumbo sound, comfortable playability.

Throughout Emerald Guitars’ 25 years of instrument design and construction, we have pioneered development in carbon fiber design and construction methods to ensure superior comfort, playability and sound.

X30 – Nature That Inspires

Size Meets Ergonomics

The X30 is our biggest acoustic guitar, with a body width of 17” (430mm) and a depth of 5 ¾” (146mm). Our jumbo-sized body provides a great range of full-bodied tones without sacrificing comfort for sound. Due to their size, larger-bodied guitars can pose playability issues. However, Emerald’s trademark ergonomic design delivers a set of carefully sculpted bevels and edges that allow this guitar to conform to the player’s body, for an altogether more natural playing experience.


The X30’s deep, angled thigh cut allows the guitar to fit your body, bringing it closer, and at a more natural angle, when sitting. The arm bevel on the front top of the guitar provides a comfortable arm rest when playing. It ensures no harsh angles and therefore no fatigue or loss of circulation in your strumming hand; welcome to hours of comfortable playing, seated or standing! The sculpted edges on the back also allow you to hold the guitar closer.

Finally, our heelless neck construction and sculpted cutaway give unparalleled fret access all the way up the neck, allowing you to reach the highest frets with ease. It all adds up to a truly seamless playing experience.

Guitarist Tone Lounge

Carbon Fiber Construction

As with all Emerald instruments, the X30 features our signature one-piece carbon fiber construction, which ensures incredible strength and stability. With wood instruments, challenging climates and changes in temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on your instrument. 


Because the Emerald neck and body are built as one, there are no joins to come apart, making the instrument ideal for those who travel, tour or live in more extreme climates. If you’re looking for an instrument for touring or traveling – or for dealing with whatever you can throw at it! – Emerald Guitars are world leaders in strength and stability.


Acoustic Tones

The larger dimensions of the X30 give it plenty of power when played acoustically; perfect to be heard in acoustic jam sessions or when busking. The bigger body also gives you a great range of warm tones, perfectly matched to strumming big open chords. With this fantastic natural acoustic sustain, you have countless tonal options when backing up your solo performances or other singers or instrumentalists.

X30 in the Studio

Pickup Choices

Having a pickup in your X30 opens up possibilities; playing live, accessing external ef pedals and processors such as loopers, recording without microphones, and a whole lot more.

We have a selection of acoustic pickups to choose from to give the best range of sounds when plugging in your guitar. With options from LR Baggs, K&K and Graph Tech, we have everything to suit your style and sound.

We offer the adjustable Graph Tech ghost piezo system either on its own or with the K&K pure mini pickup. The Graph Tech system features six individual saddles at the bridge giving you complete control over the height and intonation of your instrument, with easy setup when changing string gauges or changing action without changing saddles.


Hyvibe system

Adding a HyVibe system turns your instrument into an exceptional smart guitar with an on-board preamp and touchscreen interface, giving you access to a wealth of FX straight from your acoustic guitar. Now you have a whole new set of tools at your fingertips to help you practice, perform and jam: built-in FX such as chorus, reverb and distortion, and you can play back loops or tracks from your acoustic guitar

The HyVibe Pickup

X30 12-String

The X30 is also available in a 12-string model! One of our most popular 12-string models because of its deep, rich tones, the X30-12 is a force to be reckoned with and provides a range of unparalleled sounds for players of any style.

X30 – 12 String

3D Builder

With a range of options available across our range of 25 models, we have an amazing selection of possibilities to build your dream guitar with Emerald. 

To help you visualize these possibilities and design your own unique instrument, we have developed the Emerald Guitars 3D Builder. This cutting-edge real-time software allows you to choose your instrument  specifications and automatically see any design changes in the design update.


We have an array of options from aesthetic to practical, including choices on color and carbon weave type, not to mention a selection of over 40 real wood veneers with grain patterns ranging from subtle to exotic.

Colored hardware and a range of fretboard inlays allow you to further personalize your guitar. And then, we have custom options for neck width, fretboard radius and more so that you can shape the guitar to your own personal playing style.

Check out the 3D builder here

With its powerful and full bodied acoustic tone, the X30 is the perfect guitar choice for stage, studio, jams and more

Choose the Emerald X30 for a big bold sound and looks that stand out.

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Emerald Guitars, to make and inspire music.

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