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Emerald Guitars teams up with LR Baggs

We are delighted to announce that we have once again teamed up with the very reputable US company LR Baggs Corp to provide pickups for a number of our instruments.

Emerald Guitars will now be using LR Baggs on the X7 travel guitar, the full X20 range and our short scale 12-string, the Amicus. The LR Baggs Element Active System – VTC and the LR Baggs Anthem SL will both be available as upgrades on the Opus models while the Element will come as standard on an Artisan and the Anthem SL will be available as an upgrade.

We decided to move away from a side-mounted preamp that involved cutting a hole in the side of the instrument in favour of using the discreet sound hole-mounted controls as featured on the Element and Anthem SL. This approach looks more elegant, but most importantly it future-proofs the instrument. We fully expect our guitars to be around making music long after we have gone. This new approach leaves the instrument fully intact so future electronic upgrades can happen with ease. The battery is now also installed inside the instrument which is made easy to access with our offset sound holes.

Ryan Angle, COO/LR Baggs Corp said: “We here at LR Baggs are excited to be collaborating with Emerald Guitars again and enabling their players to experience the true Emerald sound Alistair is bringing forward with his creative design in a plugged in environment. Alistair has designed a unique instrument that really conveys a rich warm sound and we are proud to be the one helping to bring that sound to the masses.”

LR Baggs Element Active System – VTC: 

The EAS-VTC builds on the strengths of the EAS with the addition of a treble tone control and a special low frequency compression circuit. The LF compressor tames low end thump and mimics the actual dynamic response of the guitar for enhanced realism.


  • All-discrete endpin preamp
  • Pre-attached Element pickup
  • Fits both 3/32” and 1/8” saddle slots
  • Built-in LF compressor
  • Soundhole mounted volume and tone control
  • Battery type: Single 9V
  • Battery life: 1,000 hrs

LR Baggs Anthem SL: 

For those of you who prefer a minimalist approach to controls, the Anthem SL delivers the same groundbreaking studio mic’d fidelity as the Anthem in a streamlined format with a single volume control. The endpin preamp has all-discrete circuitry for the purest signal and the TRU•MIC is premixed with the Element for optimum performance.


  • Anthem TRU•MIC carries the majority of the guitars’ frequency range while the Element Pickup carries only the lowest frequencies
  • The mic is highly feedback-resistant
  • Noise cancelling microphone technology eliminates any annoying honky or boxy qualities from the inside of the guitar
  • Mic installs easily on the bridgeplate with peel and stick adhesive
  • Mic and pickup levels preset for optimum performance
  • Soundhole remote includes volume and mic trim controls
  • All discrete pre-contoured endpin preamp with preset crossover
  • Element Pickup fits most common string spacings and saddle width
  • Comes with battery bag for secure and unobtrusive battery retention
  • Patent-pending
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