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Eric Svensson

Introduce yourself:

My name is Eric. I’m a multi-instrumental entertainer and live looping artist from Sweden. I’ve been working full time with music for the past decade. I live life outside of the “box” in a box on wheels. Meaning i live full-time in my self converted van that also doubles as my tour bus, studio, home. I make my living by playing cover gigs on all sorts of events, the last couple of years I’ve been gigging a lot in the Scandinavian alps, that’s why I choose to buy my lovely Emerald x10.

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How you heard about Emerald Guitars:

When I got to know the pros of working with a carbon fiber guitar I did my research on the subject and found this great company from Europe called Emerald Guitars.

Your thoughts on emerald:

The main reason I bought my x10 is that it stays in tune in both hot/cold/humid/dry climates even when I strum fanatically during my afterski shows. It’s very versatile with the Krivo and the ghost pickup system. And it’s a beautiful guitar. It’s basically everything I need. For additional control I have smart buttons on my guitar that control different settings in my DAW Loopy pro, which I use for both live and studio work.

What projects you have been working on?:

I’m a modern nomad, I’m currently in Spain traveling and working on my original music.

Here is a list of my socials and what they cover:

Tiktok – Life, music & vanlife

Instagram – Music and Shows

Youtube – Nerdy stuff, tutorials and a lot of Loopy Pro content.

Here are my linktree

I almost forgot… I’m also an inventor. Mainly of some entertainment concepts that saw its first light during the pandemic.

Quiz promenaden, A digital music quiz.

The participants go to gps coordinates, when they reach them a video of me playing a song pops up,  with some questions. It’s kind of like a pub music quiz in pokemon go format. This concept can be found in over 100 Swedish cities and can be summoned in any part of the world. And the Musikbilbingo (Carpark Music Bingo), A covid safe family oriented entertainment concept.

The guests listen to songs I play, find it in a songlist and mark the number on their bingo card. While they stay safely in their cars. The sound was brought out by my PA and a fm-transmitter which the guests could tune in on their car radio.

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