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Over the last 12 years, Alistair has developed the art of the wood veneers on Emerald Guitars.

Whether you are a lover of guitars or a lover of the incredible beauty that nature can create you will enjoy spending some time with these videos.


Cinnamumum camphor, is a rare burl from Southeast Asia that is highly prized. This wood is known to often come with a strong fragrance of root beer which is typically either loved or despised.

If any of this stock appears green, the root beer smell will be very strong. Most like the smell although it can be very strong with green stock. This material was cut from two large burl pieces and one very large burl cap. It is freshly cut with moisture but dries very quickly which prevents this veneer from degrading or cracking.


It is a close cousin to the famous Sequoia tree of California. This is classed as one of the most prized grains as redwood burl generally grows underground and must be excavated with specialized machinery. Typically used on automotive dashboards expansion into guitars has increased over the last 3 yrs.

Redwood burl veneer has a pleasant colour and shimmers when it moves. Each piece is unique and will usually be found in a high-end product.


HARBORICA (Poplar) ” Wood has a new soul”

Black dyed poplar (flat cut)
Quarter dyed – black
Harborica is continuous experimentation, doing this process new wood is born

This process allows any wood to stand out. The colouring treatment intervenes delicately on the wood grain. Always guaranteeing the uniqueness of extremely natural wood. The delicate notes of the chromatic variations and the flaming of the wood grain chase each other inside the material with unique effects that only a natural product can transmit, making each coating a tailor-made product.




also known as Rosewood: Santos

Known to have either a dark brown or violet-brown heartwood colour. It will also appear with either straight or irregular grain. Pau Ferro comes mainly from the tropical forests of Brazil and Bolivia. Tradition is tradition, but in the spirit of the time, it is worth to reach for lesser-known wood. it is a 100% wonderful wood that belongs to the tonewood species, for fingerboards and necks we particularly recommend. The premium quality Pau Ferro should be valued like black ebony, but it will be warmer in sound and appearance, of course.




Also known as Truffle Beech, the wood often appears with discolourations. Beech is normally white or cream in colour, which no distinction between sapwood and heartwood. In old trees, the heartwood can discolour often resulting in additional colours of red and white.

At the same time, marble-like wood with a strong structure is a popular, lively and authentic contrast to other materials. Often used as a veneer by connoisseurs.




From the Tropical Americas primarily found in Brazil, is a heartwood that is a medium brown with darker brown to black streaks. Louro Preto is a good veneer to work with due to its durability. Louro Preto is primarily found in Brazil.




Sourced from Africa, Padauk is a very unusual veneer with striking colour features. It is usually a lustrous coral Red to Reddish Brown. Padauk polishes up very well due to its texture and colour.It also is known as Camwood, Barwood and Corail.



If you are interested in commissioning an Emerald woody then please look through the videos and see what catches your eye. You can tell us the specific veneer you like, and maybe reference the section you like by using the video time or taking a screen-shot. We can then take photographs of that piece of veneer using our templates and work directly with you to create a unique instrument designed just for you.

Drop us an email at sales@emeraldguitars.com and discuss your perfect custom Emerald today. 


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