Game Of Thrones theme tune on harp guitar by Jamie Dupuis

Jamie Dupuis Game Of Thrones

Jamie Dupuis is the gift that keeps on giving as he reveals his harp guitar version of the Game Of Thrones theme tune.

Coinciding with last night/tonight’s Season 7 series finale,  the award-winning fingerstyle guitarist from Canada released his version of hit HBO programme’s theme tune by request on Friday.

Dupuis also released a cover version of Nirvana’s Heart-shaped Box last week. His most recent arrangements and covers for harp guitar also include his tribute to the Late Chester Bennington with Linkin Park’s In The End, 1980s classic The Final Countdown by Europe, Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears and Metallica’s The Unforgiven which has notched up nearly one million views.

Jamie Dupuis shot to international fame when his harp guitar cover version of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd went viral over a year ago. We are honoured that he plays an Emerald Custom Shop Synergy X20 harp guitar.

The Canadian musician first contacted us around the same time that we were about to unveil the Synergy X20 and so, following detailed consultation, it was decided that we would build him a full size harp guitar.

Jamie’s Synergy X20 features three different pickup systems to suit Jamie’s recording and performance needs – A Sixtus Longbar pickup under the sub bass strings, an LR Baggs M1 under the guitar strings and an iMix pickup system featuring two Element undersaddle piezos, one for each neck.

Synergy X20

The Synergy X20 is an uncompromising full size harp guitar designed to give a rich full bodied and balanced acoustic experience on the neck coupled with loud powerful sub bass strings in a modern and ergonomic design.

As we have developed our harp guitar range we have come to recognise the many benefits that carbon fibre allows in the design and construction of these wonderful instruments.

Our moulding technology offers us the ability to create a much more sculpted and ergonomic shape that offers great comfort and balance to the player. The strength of carbon helps us create a light weight and responsive top that can easily take the heavy strain of the sub bass strings. If you would like to find out more about our full size harp guitar, go to the Synergy X20 Artisan page.



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