George Hall – What a Life

I started playing music as soon as I could sit up to the piano. I was pretty young but was told I was 4. I do remember starting to play guitar at 8. My older sister had a guitar and I asked her to teach me. She showed me two chords and when I asked her to show me more, she threw a music book at me. I was in different rock bands from middle school through high school. In 12th grade during the day, I became a student teacher instructing other students in guitar. After school I took courses at the community college in classical music. That is when I hooked up with my wife. She lived across from the college and invited me in for tea and bagels before class. We all know how that ended. Lol.

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She started buying me guitars on special occasions so I now have a nice variety to choose from. I like to play them all and do my best to keep them polished and concert ready, so to speak. A few years ago I came across an Emerald guitar online. It had a wood veneer front and I was amazed by its beauty. I started watching videos of people who had them and was really impressed by their sound. I showed my wife and that is where my personal Emerald journey began.

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I now have three Emerald carbon fiber guitars and LOVE them. Two X10s and most recently for Christmas my X20 12 string. I play them daily, much to the dismay of my other babies who now get less in hand time than they used to. I have taken my X10 camping (in a cabin) and sat around the campfire on cold nights playing and it never goes out of tune.

Emerald x20 12 1 web
Emerald x20 12 1product

Thank you Emerald for making such a quality product that is both a joy to look at as well as listen to.


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