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Jamie Dupuis reveals his new custom Emerald Synergy X20 harp guitar

Jamie Dupuis, Canadian virtuoso guitarist extraordinaire, has just revealed the first recording on his new custom Synergy X20 harp guitar made by Emerald Guitars – an instrumental version of Metallica’s The Unforgiven.

Jamie Dupuis is an award-winning composer and occasional singer and songwriter, best known for his complex fingerstyle technique, energetic performances and the use of percussive effects on the guitar.

The world really took not of Jamie Dupuis when his instrumental version of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb on the harp guitar went viral and so we were already big fans when he contacted us about the possibility of building him a harp guitar.

Jamie was looking for a harp guitar that he would not be afraid of travelling with and that’s when he began looking into carbon fibre and decided to contact us here in Ireland.

His query came around the same time that we were about to unveil the Synergy X20 and so, following detailed consultation, it was decided that we would build him a custom version of our new full size harp guitar.

Jamie’s Synergy X20 harp guitar is an Emerald Custom Shop model – It is black and has a full gloss finish on all surfaces, Gotoh 510 (18:1 Ratio) tuners and three different pickup systems with three separate outputs to suit Jamie’s recording and performance needs – A Sixtus Longbar pickup under the sub bass strings, an LR Baggs M1 (Passive) under the guitar strings and an iMix pickup system featuring two Element undersaddle piezos, one for each neck.

Jamie Dupuis’ First Impressions

Jamie only recently received his new Synergy X20 and spent some time practicing with it to get the feel, before revealing any material recorded on his new harp guitar.

“My first thought about the Synergy x20 is the tone, Very nice and warm, you don’t even have to play aggressive or loud, it just sings. I love the bass projection, it cuts through really nicely too!

“Also I really appreciate the pickup configuration. It gives me the option to have full control over my sound. Especially live and in studio. I started posting three days ago with it, and the response has been fantastic,” he said.

Would you like to find out more about our full size harp guitar? Click here to go to our Synergy X20 Artisan page.

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