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Jim’s X7 Opus travel guitar lands in Texas in record time

Going direct sales only in January has allowed us to liaise one-to-one with our customers and offer them the best service possible like getting a travel guitar to Texas on short notice.

Last Thursday evening, we sent an X7 Opus to Jim in Texas, USA and we were just thrilled to hear how delighted he was when it arrived yesterday. Here is what Jim had to say, in his own words:

The guitar was shipped on Thursday afternoon. I was surprised to see it (on the tracking) as being in the US (New York City) late Saturday. Pretty impressive.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the An Post (Ireland) showed the package as ‘Delivery Attempted’. I assumed that meant it was getting switched from An Post to USPS. Sean told me to expect delivery ‘probably Thursday’.

I just checked. Yep, it’s Monday. Three days before Thursday, according to my calendar. My wife has been working on a quilt project, and wasn’t ready to go out to lunch until around 2:00 today. Leaving our little island, we drove by the owners’ area (where the private mailboxes are located) – the mailman’s van was there. It usually takes him an hour or so to put mail in the boxes each day.

Lunch was great. My lovely wife said, “I bet that ‘Delivery Attempted’ means there’s a slip in our mailbox for your guitar.” My reply, “Yeah, and monkeys might fly outta my butt.” I am quite eloquent like that. 

We stopped at the post office before going back to our island – my wife had a package to mail out. On the way home, we stopped to check mail… my wife came out with a big smile on her face, waving a pink slip (a package to be picked up). “It doesn’t say who the shipper is, and I do have some innertubes coming for the bikes – but, I bet it is your guitar. Those monkeys are going to be very uncomfortable on the way out!” We both laughed.

Back into town and to the post office. When my wife came out, it was very apparent from the size of the box that it wasn’t the innertubes! Unbelievable. Ireland to the southern tip of Texas in just over 4 days!! She said, “It smells like cookies!” as she put the box in the back seat of the truck. It does, indeed, smell like cookies. It is just over 2 miles from our house to the post office – seemed a lot further.

There is a greasy spot on the box…I strummed the first chord – it was in tune! I looked it over – the carbon fiber weave is lovely. I like the ‘Crystal Ice’ finish on the back and sides. The neck feels very nice: it is not as thick as the neck on my Shorty, but ‘feels’ wider. It isn’t. The neck feels like it gets slightly wider as you move up the neck. The action is good, but I will probably lower it a bit. Getting above the octave fret is easy.

It sounds delightful – everything I was hoping for. The ergonomics are very friendly – love the curves and the bevel arm rest. No, it doesn’t sound like a dreadnought – but it sounds more full than a guitar this size has a right to. The gig bag is not ‘guitar-shaped’, but seems well made, quality materials, and good protection.

I plugged the travel guitar in to give the pick-up a quick go – it sounds even better! I am not familiar with this particular pick-up, but it is very easy to dial in the sound… although the dials on it are small. Size wise, it is a little smaller than my GSmini, but the neck feels more ‘full size’ (1 3/4″ nut on the Emerald vs 1 11/16″ nut on the Mini). First impression: I like it a lot.

Over the next few days, I will get to know it better, and get some better photos (although the images on Emerald’s website are outstanding).

Sean from Emerald, my thanks to you once again. I don’t know if you arranged with Donald Trump to have one of his private jets get the guitar from NYC to the Tropical Tip, but I am astounded the travel guitar got here as fast as it did! Everything you said about the guitar is right on. I am impressed. Oh, and the guitar doesn’t smell like cookies. Not that that would be a bad thing.


You can read about Jim’s whole journey and his continued experience with the X7 Opus on his personal travel blog.

The X7 Opus travel guitar is generally in stock or available on a short lead-time (e-mail us on for enquiries). The Opus is available in black only and does not include a pick-up. A pick-up is available as an upgrade. It features Gotoh 381 tuners (16:1 ratio) and has a full gloss finish on the top and a satin ‘Crystal Ice’ finish on the back and sides of the instrument.

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