Johnny Gallagher & Alistair Discuss The X20

Widely acknowledged as one of the finest guitar players touring the European circuit, Johnny Gallagher sits down with Emerald Guitars founder Alistair Hay to discuss our most popular guitar – the X-20. Featuring a lightweight body and a contoured fretboard end, the ergonomically designed X20 is for the player searching for a rich and full acoustic sound.

An X-20 player since 2014, Johnny Gallagher is one of the early torch bearers of Emerald guitars. Johnny’s larger than life stage presence, unique and expressive voice, and blazing guitar playing, has resulted in him becoming one of Europe’s busiest musicians. Performing regularly across the continent means constantly dealing with changing climates and temperatures, so Johnny chose the Emerald Guitars X-20 as his main acoustic guitar – due to its carbon fiber construction, beautiful even tone and light weight.

With a new bridge, as well as many ergonomic improvements, the newly designed X-20 continues Emerald’s tradition of breaking tradition. Find out why this seasoned veteran thinks the X-20 is a huge accomplishment, why it is his ‘workhorse’ guitar, and why its new features are game-changing.

Join Alistair and Johnny as they discuss the redesigned X-20.  

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