Max and Synergy X7 harp guitar take centre stage in Italy

Professional musician Massimo ‘Max’ Varini recently took centre stage with his Synergy X7 Artisan harp guitar in a series of concerts by a renowned singer in Italy.

The Synergy X7 and Max were part of Biagio Antonacci’s band performing to 10,000 people each night in three sold-out concerts at the Mediolanum Forum, Milan which were all recorded for an Italian national television special to be broadcast in October.

Max said: “I use the Synergy X7 during an ‘acoustic and intimate’ set, with a string quintet (2 violins, 1 viola, 2 cellos). The Synergy is connected to a couple of Radial DI boxes with a ‘Y’ cable, then straight in the console, with a big reverb.”

Following the performances in Milan, Antonacci’s tour continued with a further two sold-out shows at the Palalottomatica in Rome last week where Max also performed with the Italian star. Here is a ‘behind the scenes’ video Max recorded at Antonacci’s concert.

Max is a well-known YouTuber posting a lot of tutorial videos online. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel and Facebook. We look forward to seeing more of Max’s work on the SynergyX7, Grazie Mille!


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