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Paul Cheese and his X7 travel guitar feature on TEDx Talks

We were so thrilled to hear from a customer whose exciting adventures recently took him onto the world famous TEDx Talks stage to tell his story.

From the tops of mountains to deep underground, discovering sounds and inspiration in unusual and unexpected locations to create music and audio photographs has been sampler of sounds and maker of music Paul Cheese‘s passion for many years. He has cycled all over the world with ‘byrcrophone’ and two X7s recording with his mobile studio along the way.

Following a childhood where he wasn’t allowed to leave the drive, Paul now makes a habit and a career of exploration on two wheels. The results of his discoveries come through in songwriting, composing and more.

“Well, I am super chuffed to say that I was chosen to be a TEDx guest speaker. This year’s talk theme was discovery… I cycled on stage with my X7. (what possibly could have gone wrong, ha ha).”

We have been following Paul’s journeys from afar for quite a few years now and therefore it was even more thrilling for us when we got to meet him in person at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California last January. As Paul fittingly put it: “Totally rock and roll that it would be miles away from home on an adventure that we finally get together!”

We hope you enjoy watching Paul Cheese tell his story on TEDx Talk as much as we did! Click here if you would like to find out more about the X7 Artisan travel guitars that Paul Cheese uses.

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