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Pau Ferro


* Carbon Colour: Amber
* Carbon type: Standard Weave
* Veneer: Pau Ferro
* Tuners: Gotoh 510 Tuners 18:1 Ratio (Cosmo Black)
* Inlays: None
* Pickup: Graphtech Ghost Piezo, Fishman Fluence Humbuckers, 13 Pin Hexpander Midi Output
* Bridge Type: Graphtech Adjustable Floating Bridge
* Case: Hiscox Custom Lite Flite Hard Case

Ergonomically designed for comfort with a slim carbon fiber body, the Virtuo is an acoustic guitar made specifically with the electric player in mind.
Featuring a slim and fast electric guitar-style neck, and an innovative neck-to-heel design, the Virtuo allows the player full 22-fret access to reach even the highest notes. Where the possibilities really open up is when we look at the electronics and pickup systems implemented in the Virtuo, and the wide range of sounds available to the player.



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Blues (Piezo)

Picking (Piezo)

Rock (Piezo)

Strumming (Piezo)

Blues (Humbuckers)

Picking (Humbuckers)

Rock (Humbuckers)

Strumming (Humbuckers)

Blues (Piezo + Humbuckers)

Picking (Piezo + Humbuckers)

Rock (Piezo + Humbuckers)

Strumming (Piezo + Humbuckers)

Sample 1 (P + H + Synth)

Sample 2 (P + H + Synth)

Sample 3 (P + H + Synth)

Medley (P + H + Synth)


With two Fishman Fluence humbucker pickups allowing for vintage and humbucker sounds, the option to split single coils and also a hot rod boost, the Virtuo offers a huge variety of tones. In addition to electric guitar pickups, we also have six individual graphtech under-saddle acoustic piezos, each of which are fully height adjustable. Since we have six individual piezos, we also added a 13 pin midi output system. Tows the Virtuo to connect to a guitar synthesizer, such as the Roland GR55, offering limitless possibilities for the Virtuo. All of the onboard pickups can be blended together to create a wide range of sounds unique to every individual player’s tastes. All of the switching and wiring in the Virtuo is fully analogue.

Finally, we have added a new fully adjustable acoustic bridge so that the string height and intonation can easily be changed in a matter of seconds.

Model Name

Model Type

6 String

Scale Length

25 1/2", 650mm

Nut Width

1 11/16", 43mm

Bridge Spacing

2 3/32", 53mm

Overall Lenght

37 3/4", 960mm

Max Body Width

14 3/4", 375mm

Max Body Depth

2 3/4", 69.85mm

Max Body Length

18", 457mm




22 medium stainless steel frets

Fretboard Radius

12”-16” compound radius


Graphtech low friction nut.
Graphtech Ghost Adjustable Piezo saddles.


High gloss finish on all surfaces

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