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John and Kay receive their Emerald carbon fiber guitars in Australia

Two friends and neighbours in Australia have just received their brand new Emerald Guitars and they ‘couldn’t be more pleased’.

John from New South Wales first contacted us earlier this year interested in purchasing an X20 Opus for travelling in the outback and remoter areas of Australia next year.

After comparing the specs of the X20 to brands he was familiar with, John decided that he would upgrade to an X20 Woody with a quilted maple veneer and vintage amber burst and crystal ice, textured finish back and sides.

Having gone through the direct consultation and ordering process, John showed his friend and neighbour Kay the details of his soon-to-be X20. Having been impressed what she saw on our website, Kay decided to place an order for a red X7 Artisan with crystal ice back and sides and an Anthem SL pickup.

Special Day

John said: “Well, what can I say? The guitars are wonderful! It’s hard trying to judge the sound of a guitar on the internet, so buying sight unseen is a bit of a gamble. I relied a lot on the reports from other Emerald owners for both Kay’s X7 and my X20. Now we’ve got them in our hot little hands, we couldn’t be more pleased.

The whole shebang – fit and finish, tone, playability, packaging – all top notch and the extras included with the guitars just makes the day very special. I had heard about the mugs so had a cold bottle of bubbly ready to christen them!

Kay was originally looking at a Maton mini, but I convinced her that the X7 would be a better sounding and playing guitar (played unplugged, to my ears, the Maton sounds like a shoe box).

I myself am not usually keen on the tones from small guitars but was stunned by the sound coming from the little Emerald. I can see an X7 in my future… A very big thank you to you and the team for making this whole experience a great pleasure.”

For more information on the X20 Woody and X7 Artisan, go to our Emerald Artisan Range or contact us directly with your query!

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