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Ryan Sheridan performing with Emerald X10 Guitar

Ryan Sheridan & The Emerald X10

‘I’ve played it everywhere – from up in the mountains in Switzerland to deserts in America’​

Here at Emerald Guitars, our goal is to create and inspire music. As an Irish music company, our roots are deeply based in Irish heritage and tradition. It’s in this way that our journey is very similar to that of renowned Irish musician Ryan Sheridan. Ryan’s musical journey began at the age of 7, playing the Irish fiddle. As a teenager he became a dancer in Riverdance, after which he launched a solo music career, which has seen him gain international acclaim.

When Alistair attended Oakfest in 2019 there was one act that caught his eye and that was Ryan Sheridan. “I remember thinking his unique rhythmic style would be perfect for our guitars” Alistair recalls. And so after Ryan’s set Alistair approached him back stage and suggested he should visit the factory some time – but when Ryan heard that the factory was just 3 miles away they both decided that they should just go straight there.

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Ryan tried out a selection of guitars but the X10 was the one that spoke to him most and he left with one that evening. Subsequently, we built another X10 using a beautiful piece of Cocobolo that Ryan selected personally at the factory and it has become an integral part of his music ever since.

Featuring the Ghost Piezo pickup system combined with a custom Krivo humbucker pickup, the X10 gives Ryan the volume and power he needs for his vibrant and energetic live performances and has commented on how stable and feedback resistant the X10 has proven to be on his large stage shows.

‘At the time I was looking for a certain guitar… I need extra volume.. I needed it to stand out a little bit more… so when I saw the guitar I was blown away. I picked the X10 because it’s got a smaller body… I like to play close to the body”

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To see more from Ryan Sheridan, check him out on social media and YouTube below:
Ryan on YouTube

To see Ryan performing live with his X10, watch the video below.

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