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Synergy X7 brings Paul’s playing into another ‘Dimension’

The very first person to get a Synergy X7 carbon fiber harp guitar from Emerald Guitars was Paul Price, a professional musician since the late 1970s.

Paul first heard about Emerald Guitars the last time he was living in London with his English-born wife for a year, teaching in inner city London schools such as Brixton and Tower Bridge, and performing around the United Kingdom on a regular basis. “I have lived in London twice, both times for about a year. We have travelled there countless times, and I always set up gigs when I go,” he said.

Paul started playing harp guitar about five years ago and, in fact, purchased the first Synergy X7 Alistair built by Emerald Guitars founder Alistair Hay. “I had much damage to my guitars when we moved back to the USA from England, and that is one of the reasons I immediately began looking into Emeralds,” he said.

Enjoying the ‘playability, sturdiness, sound and build quality’ of Emerald Guitars, Paul has also purchased an X20 6-string. “I play my Synergy X7 at gigs three to four times a week and I play my X20 in a string band, as well as on sessions. I really don’t play anything else, except my electrics. I do most of my solo gigs on Emeralds and I hope to entice Alistair to build a full size harp guitar soon.”

With all the things he has done, Paul said he is most happy now and he is doing the most playing he has ever done, whether it’s gigging, practicing or playing for pleasure. “I’m now 54 and practicing more than I’ve ever practiced in my life.”

Interesting life

Paul could literally write a book about his interesting life as a professional music career spanning over five decades – and indeed he should.

A professional musician since the late 1970s, The Oklahoma native also works as a music teacher in the public school system in Rogers, Arkansas, where he lives these days. Paul has been a sideman for many famous acts since 1978, mainly on electric guitar, from legendary comedians, singers, groups to orchestras including Jerry Lewis, Jerry Van Dyke, The 5th Dimension and the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

He said: “I have worked with so many different people that celebrity doesn’t phase me too often, but when Jerry Lewis walks into a room you feel the greatness. I really only experienced that feeling one other time, and that was with Ray Charles. Jerry was one of my favourite acts to play. But really it was more fun playing with his drummer and piano player than him. Clint Holmes was the best show I ever played. Unreal performer.

The Fifth Dimension

“The Fifth Dimension was also great because I grew up with their music, and Jimmy Webb wrote some of their music. My mentor, Joe Lane Davis, was Jimmy’s arranger in LA. I could literally write a book, and I may do so one day, maybe I’ll do it after my teaching career is finished. The only problem would be much of the stuff would be incriminating and should only be mentioned over a few pints,” he laughed.

Above is a video of Mike Doolin, Paul Price (on his Synergy X7) and Tony Barnard igniting the Jobim standard Corvocado at the 2015 Harp Guitar Gathering in Mooresville, NC.

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