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Tony Polecastro reviews the Amicus 12-string

Tony Polecastro has reviewed the Amicus short-scale 12-string.

Popular YouTuber Tony Polecastro has released his second review of an Emerald Guitars instrument to-date, this time reviewing our short-scale 12-string, the Amicus Artisan.

The Amicus is a short scale 12-string which allows you to create a completely new sound with your guitar-playing. Imagine not having to learn any new chords, but playing a sound that is more reminiscent of a mandolin. Its short 18” scale allows the Amicus to be tuned up to D, similar to having a capo at the tenth fret and with its full width neck spacing, it is a comfortable and familiar instrument for guitarists who can use their regular chord shapes.

In his review, Tony Polecastro reveals that he has had his eyes on the Amicus for quite a while. “I’ve seen it pop up in shops here and there and I’ve always thought to myself, how on earth do you play that thing? Well, the answer is you play it just like a regular guitar.”

‘What I love about this particular instrument, in terms of its sonic possibilities, it’s a wonderful instrument to add texture to any situation, particularly if you like dulcet sounds, if you want to infuse mandolin technique with guitar.” Watch the full review above, or by clicking here.

Tony has reviewed over 500 acoustic guitars for his YouTube channel playing the same songs, recorded the same way so you can compare the sound of any guitar he has ever featured. We are honoured that he has now reviewed both the X20 and the Amicus. Make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for lots more from the self-professed ‘guitar geek’.

If you would like to know more about the Amicus Artisan short scale 12-string, click here for full information, specs, photos, videos and more. 


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