The Veneer Collection – Take A Closer Look With Alistair Hay

Over the past 10 years Emerald Guitars have developed the art of our woody series guitars.

This series blends the strength and durability of carbon with the natural beauty of some of the world’s most exotic veneers, fused together in one seamless form.

Our standard veneers option veneers are Quilted maple and Bubinga, but Alistair has amassed a huge personal library of some of the world’s most exotic and sought after veneers. Alistair is now sharing this library of  “Select custom veneers” through video. He has taken the time to make a short video of every type of veneer in the library describing the characteristics of each piece and how it could be best used on an instrument.
Whether you are a lover of guitars or a lover of the incredible beauty that nature can create you will enjoy spending some time with these videos.
If you are interested in commissioning an Emerald woody then please look through the videos and see what catches your eye. You can tell us the specific veneer you like, and maybe reference the section you like by using the video time or taking a screen-shot. We can then take photographs of that piece of veneer using our templates and work directly with you to create a unique instrument designed just for you.

Drop us an email at and discuss your perfect custom Emerald today. 

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