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Why Choose a baritone guitar - in-depth guide

Why choose a Baritone Guitar?

In-depth Guide

The baritone guitar features an extended scale length and is usually tuned down a perfect 4th or a perfect 5th from the standard tuning of a 6-string guitar. Baritone models grew in popularity during the 1960’s finding their way onto many classic studio recordings from the likes of Glen Campbell, Duane Eddy and The Beach Boys

Baritone guitars were later put to good use by hard rock and metal bands such as Machine Head and Korn who were looking to incorporate down-tuned guitars into their sound. 

Today, baritone guitars are used in many different styles and genres, from metal to jazz and are an invaluable addition to any line up.

X20 Baritone – Tahitian Skies

Why do I need one?

A baritone is a great choice for anyone looking to experiment with lower tunings or for those looking to fill out the lower end of the tonal spectrum. The lower tunings available gives it a distinct sound that is great for adding something different to a mix or production. 

With a register somewhere between a regular 6-string and a bass, solo or instrumental performers have a new range of possibilities for deeper, richer tones and the ability to explore new chord voicings and melodies. 

The extended range available really makes the baritone shine for solo performances thanks to their deep, resonant tone and extended range. Whether you’re playing fingerstyle arrangements, instrumental pieces, or accompanying your vocals, the baritone guitar can provide a rich and full-bodied sound that captivates your audience. Its unique timbre can help you stand out as a performer and leave a lasting impression on listeners.

The unique sounds of a baritone guitar can be inspiring when writing new music as the lower sounds available take you to new places musically and bring forth new ideas.

Having a baritone at hand for stage and studio can help you stand out from the crowd as you are able to bring new sounds and textures to the table.

X20 Baritone – Moonlight 32

Why choose an Emerald Baritone guitar?

The Emerald X20 baritone features our signature X20 acoustic with an extended 27” scale producing a powerful deep, rich, bottom-end tone that suits a range of playing styles and genres. With a range of pickup options available across stock models and in our 3D builder, you can be ready for stage or studio straight out of the box. 

With our 3D builder available on our site, you can design and customize your own instrument in real time and create your dream guitar. With a selection of colors available, exotic wood veneers, hardware options and even options for custom neck width and scale length, you can design your guitar to your own specifications. 

169 X20 Baritone Red Pau Ferro Ele 6055 7 1 copy

Reliability and stability are at the heart of every one of our instruments. Every Emerald features our unique one-piece Carbon Fiber construction which offers a host of benefits. With our material of choice and construction methods, we produce instruments which can handle extremes in temperature, climate and anything that touring or travel brings, keeping your guitar in tune, setup and ready to play in any situation. 

Our unique player-facing soundhole featured on the upper bass bout of the guitar projects the sound clearly up to you the player for an immersive playing experience that puts you at the heart of the sound and also frees up the top of the guitar for better vibration. 

This provides a captivating sound, especially when playing a baritone as the rich resounding tones on offer are projected so brilliantly to the player and performer.  

We build every instrument with the player in mind and feature our signature ergonomic curves and ease of playability in our baritones as well as all of our guitars. We feature so many comfortable sculpted curves on our instruments to help them form to the player, making the whole experience of playing one of our guitars more immersive and comfortable.

X20 B F less R Ebony 6501 1026x1536 copy
X20 Baritone – Improv

Choosing a baritone guitar opens up a world of sonic possibilities and creative potential. Whether you’re a seasoned musician looking to expand your sonic palette or just eager to explore new musical horizons, a baritone guitar is a worthy investment that can take your playing to new heights. 

Embrace the deep, resonant tones of the baritone guitar and unlock a new range of sounds.

Visit our 3D builder today and design your own or check out our range of stock here

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