Acoustic Life Reviews The Emerald X30

‘It packs a huge punch!’

Here at Emerald Guitars, we were delighted when Tony Polecastro’s Acoustic Life Youtube Channel featured the Emerald Guitars X30 for a review. Typically, jumbo acoustic guitars provide a big sound, but compromise on comfort. At Emerald Guitars, we sought to rectify this with the X30. The bigger brother of the X20, the X30 has great ergonomics, a balanced tone and high fret access with the heel cutaway. It’s deep at the low end, punchy in the middle and it sparkles in the highs. The X30 redefines the jumbo guitar, providing big sound, and big comfort – afforded by its carbon fiber body.

Having reviewed over 500 acoustic guitars on his Youtube Channel Acoustic Life, Tony Polecastro should be considered an expert on the subject. Tony also features exciting interviews with such musical legends as Tommy Emmanuel and Bob Taylor. With over 57 million video views on Youtube, Tony’s guitar videos are a must-see for any acoustic guitar player.

Yes this guitar is big, yes it has this robust base, however, it’s actually really comfortable to play. Overall it feels like it fits like a glove. It does not feel like a jumbo guitar – but you get all the benefits out of playing it – like you would a jumbo guitar.

Check out Tony’s review of the Emerald Guitars X30 below, and be sure to Subscribe to Tony’s Acoustic Life Channel on Youtube.


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