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Emerald Guitars X20-12 string Artisan exceeds Greg’s expectations

For our last customer feature before the Christmas holidays we caught up with North Dakota singer and musician, Greg Hager, who just recently received his X20-12 string Artisan.

Greg’s love of ‘non-traditional guitars began in 1979 as a child when he was privileged to get his first Ovation. “I learned early on that build materials and construction made a huge difference in not only the sound, but perhaps the durability of the instrument.

“I have traveled with a guitar a lot since I was a teenager. ‘Traditional’ wood guitars have a limitations in that they are not as durable for constantly being on the road. They are subject to temperature swings, and humidity that all affect play-ability and sound.”

Carbon fiber Guitar

So, when there started being talk of replacing the wood with carbon fibre, the Valley City artist was intrigued. “For over ten years I have read the trade magazines, stopped into guitar shops, talked to people – all exploring this next big thing. The ‘answer’ to all of the challenges I had been facing. I discovered Emerald Guitars, by name only.

“Within the last couple of years, the reviews on carbon fibre guitars kept amassing and Emerald Guitars consistently was at or near the top in reviews, because of such things as design, play-ability, and tonal characteristics.

“I average about 120 shows per year on the road, and perform in both solo and band configurations, in all types of weather. One day, I might be inside with air conditioning, and the next outside in heat and humidity. I needed a better solution. So, with the need for a better instrument for the road, and so many great video demonstrations on various models, Emerald was right there…at the top…a clear choice.”

Greg’s first purchase, which he received only a few weeks ago, was an X20-12 Artisan and he said he is enjoying ‘Everything’ about it, from its clarity to resonance. “I have never played a guitar that has better tonal resonance. I am absolutely stunned at the craftsmanship and the beautiful use of the tinted carbon fibre. The coating has such depth. It is beautiful.

Sound hole placement

“I love the placement of the sound hole. There is a sensation of having your head directly over it that ‘almost’ lets you feel like you’re ‘in and a part of’ the guitar. The case is also great. It is sturdy, not flimsy on the sides and top. The handle is wonderful, too.”

Greg said his ‘full-time intention’ is music. “I spent 13 years in full-time sales and did my music as a ‘hobby’.” I have chased music now full-time for the last eight years, working every conceivable job to earn my pay so that I can continue to be flexible to chase my dream of making my living solely with my songs. I have averaged about 120 shows per year for the last eight years – church, fairs, festivals, rodeos, banquets, etc.”

Greg has already performed with his new X20-12 string Artisan in five concerts within the first two week of receiving it and said it sounded ‘amazing’ plugged in.

“My background is with Ovation Guitars – In fact, I have owned nothing but Ovation Guitars since 1979. Until now, nothing had been able to exceed the sound, both acoustically and plugged in, and the durability than my new Emerald Guitar. Wow. The Emerald Guitar exceeds my expectations – and I have been looking for many years because of my high expectations.”

Greg Hager’s music is available on iTunes, go to his website for more information and why not give him a LIKE on Facebook: ‘Greg Hager;.

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