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Keith records more music on his Synergy X20 Woody harp guitar

One of our US customers has recorded another beautiful instrumental piece on his Synergy X20 carbon fibre harp guitar.

Keith Johnson has recorded his transcription for harp guitar of an 18th century prelude for Viola da Gamba, by Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe le Fils.  “It really does a good job of showing the sound of the whole range of this guitar, ” he said.

Keith received his red Synergy X20 Woody featuring a quilted maple veneer last March and immediately hit the ground running with it. He even kindly recorded a video of him playing it on the very first day he received it at his Texas homestead.

Keith said he is ‘loving everything about this guitar’. “Everything about this guitar is perfect for the way I like to play, and even without plugging it in, it’s easy to get recording that sounds really good just by sitting in front of a mic.

“The most important thing for me is the sound, and this guitar really has a great, deep, rich sounding tone. The low end really sounds much stronger than any other harp guitar that I’ve played or heard.

“The sub bass strings sound very clear, and they really sustain well!  It’s also very comfortable to play, and I never feel tired after playing it for several hours.  I also can’t say enough about how much I love the way it looks!

The Brimstone Guitar

“The finish turned out looking amazing!  In the right light, it sort of looks like my guitar is made from molten lava that hasn’t cooled yet, which is why I decided to name this one the Brimstone Guitar!

“It took me a little while to find the best way to place the mic for getting the best recorded sound, since the sound hole is in a different place, but that’s probably part of why the sub bass strings sound so good.  I’ve found that if I put the mic a couple of feet above the guitar, the whole range of the the sound records very clearly.

“I have seen a lot of great videos on YouTube with people playing Emerald Guitars instruments that sound great, and I’m really loving mine!”

Keith has recorded a few instrumental pieces on his Synergy X20 Woody so far. To watch them all, click here and don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel for updates.

The Synergy X20 is an uncompromising full size harp guitar designed to give a rich full bodied and balanced acoustic experience on the neck coupled with loud powerful sub bass strings in a modern and ergonomic design. Click here to find out more.

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