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Synergy X20

Greg takes leap of faith with Synergy X20 harp guitar

Greg took a ‘leap of faith’ and ordered a Synergy X20 harp guitar – he says it’s a game-changer!

A pharmaceutical industry consultant based in Northern California, Greg became aware of Emerald Guitars through the Acoustic Guitar Forum and the harp guitar through the influence of players such as Andy McKee, Muriel Anderson, Stephen Bennett and others.  

“I had an ongoing interest in obtaining a harp guitar. Initially saw descriptions and several YouTube Videos of your Synergy X7. There is a ‘buzz’ about Emerald harp guitars in the small, but growing harp guitar community. I was intrigued, but was looking for a full sized harp guitar.”   

With the introduction of our Synergy X20, his background research through the Acoustic Guitar Forum and YouTube videos, etc Greg was hooked. “Your fanned fret custom made my choice even easier as I commonly play in altered tunings and benefit from the flexibility that fanned frets have to offer,” he said.    

Following consultation, Greg decided to go for a Synergy X20 with fanned frets which was featured in our October edition of the Emerald Custom Shop Select Series


Greg received his new Emerald harp guitar in January and subsequently sent us this very kind feedback on his experience.

‘I returned home late last night and have had the opportunity to play my incredible Synergy X20 harp guitar! It truly is a wonderful instrument! Like many that probably purchase from you, I had not played a Emerald guitar previously. I had only on a couple of occasions even played any type of harp guitar. 

‘It was a bit of a leap of faith to order an instrument from half way around the world from a manufacturer that I’ve never played on a type of guitar that I’ve rarely played (and those were all wooden harp guitars). I certainly read, watched YouTube videos and felt that I was making a solid decision.

‘I have to say, on every measure, my new harp guitar has exceeded my expectations. The finish and aesthetics are outstanding and the playability of both the guitar and harp parts are wonderful. Very smooth! Lighter than I even imagined and just incredible sound! The sub basses really deliver and the sound has a great balance.     

I am so pleased that I chose the fan fretted version. It’s wonderful in altered tunings that I tend to play in. The ergonomics of the Synergy X20, make this instrument remarkably comfortable to play       

‘Learning curve’

‘I now have to continue my learning curve on how to play my wonderful new instrument as well!   The harp guitar opens up a palette of possibilities and although I am currently just experimenting, it is an instrument that will inspire me for years!  

‘Thank you for all the questions you answered along the way and thanks for the beautiful mug, which is a great touch!  Give my regards and complements to Alistair. He has developed a real game-changer in the harp guitar world!’  

Since this is his first carbon fibre instrument, Greg said he is also looking forward to not being as concerned about temperature and humidity extremes. We would like to thank Greg for taking the time to give us his thoughts on his new Synergy X20 harp guitar!

The Synergy X20 is an uncompromising full size harp guitar designed to give a rich full bodied and balanced acoustic experience on the neck coupled with loud powerful sub bass strings in a modern and ergonomic design. If you would like to find out more, click here.

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