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Now for something a little different…

Not your average guitars!

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Here at Emerald, we offer a range of beautifully crafted acoustic and hybrid electric guitars but also have a range of instruments outside of the usual six string models at the core of our range.

Solace_carbon fiber guitar

The Solace is Emerald’s vision for the Weissenborn-style lap steel guitar, one of the finest examples of lap steel guitars.

With the Emerald Solace, the iconic Weissenborn style shape stays true to its roots, with infusions of Emerald Guitar’s own design. 

Exclusively played on the lap with a slide or tone bar, the resonant chamber extends not only from the body but also up into the guitar neck for enhanced sonic capabilities.

Available with a humbucker for plugged-in electric tones, it offers a wealth of possibilities for the lap slide player, both acoustically and plugged-in.

Whether it’s the sweetest of Hawaiian melodies, bluegrass and fiddle tunes, or screaming blues rock, the Solace delivers it all.

And with our unique carbon fiber construction providing unparalleled strength and stability, you’ll have to tune-up less and forget about stressing over humidity and temperature messing with your instrument.

  • Lap steel guitar
  • Acoustic and electric tones available 
  • Ultra-resonant body

Emerald also offers the X10 Slimline and the X20 models as nylon-strung guitars.

These are the go-to guitars if you prefer nylon strings for your tone, playability and style – but you want the comfort and stability of a carbon fiber guitar.

X20 Nylon string guitar

The X20 nylon is our nylon strung version of our most popular acoustic, the Emerald X20.

We have taken the beautifully constructed curves of the X20 body and offered it up with some tweaks for the nylon player in mind. 


With a 16” fingerboard radius and a 1 7/8″ nut offering improved comfort and playability compared to the extra-wide necks commonly found on traditional nylon strung guitars, our nylon strung models provide a familiarity to those accustomed to the playability of a steel strung acoustic.


The 24-fret neck is joined at the 14th fret, which, combined with a beveled cuttaway, provides incredible upper-fret access and playability.

The strength and well-contoured ergonomics of the carbon fiber body allows the treble strings to project with more clarity, balance, and power, while still providing exceptional bass response.

  • Comfortable neck and playability
  • Nylon tone and playability with carbon fiber reliability
X10 Nylon string guitar

Our X10 slimline Nylon combines incredible comfort and stunning aesthetics.

With a slimline carbon fiber body and our signature ergonomic design, we offer the best playability in this instrument for the nylon strung guitar.

For those who want a stage-ready performance guitar, the X10 slimline is perfect as it excels when plugged in.

The slimline body is less prone to feedback on loud stages and with a choice of pickup options available it has everything you need for stages of any size.

With the X10 models you also have the option to add MIDI capability to gain access to a whole new range of sound options via an external guitar synth unit.

This is available when you choose an X10 with adjustable saddle ghost piezo pickups and MIDI functionality.

The Nylon strings lend themselves well to the MIDI functionality of the X10s, and are a great choice for anyone looking to use a MIDI guitar

Many guitar players have the problem where they would love to tap into the sounds usually only available through MIDI controllers such as keyboards but have limited or no ability when playing keys. 

Now the guitarist has the ability to access all of the sounds with their Guitar as the MIDI controller


  • Slimline carbon fiber acoustic body
  • Ready for stages of any size
  • MIDI capability as an option



Ever wanted to play the mandolin but didn’t have the time to learn a new instrument?

The Amicus is our short-scale 12-string guitar. Like having a guitar capo-ed at the 10th fret, it gives you all the sounds of a mandolin in a guitar player’s package.

With 6 courses of unison pairs just like a mandolin, you get all that beautiful sound without having to learn a new instrument or switch your head out of guitar mode!

Our unique carbon fiber body ensures tuning stability is no longer an issue.

The main headache for the 12-string guitar player – constant tuning – is gone forever!

The Amicus is a worthy addition to any players or studio’s collection. 


  • Mandolin sounds in a small guitar package
  • Stable tuning 
  • Comfortable size

The Balor is one of the most powerful acoustic basses ever made. It’ll challenge everything you thought you knew about acoustic basses.

Unique arm and rib bevels along with a heel-less neck design provide full access to all 24 frets and deliver an instrument with a big bold sound and size with amazing comfortable playability. 

With our unique ergonomic design – and that powerful sound – the Balor is the choice for bass players who have been searching for an acoustic bass to be heard!

It isn’t often that an acoustic bass is actually loud enough to be heard when playing acoustically with others but with the Balor, we’ve designed something that really works for bass players! 

With options for fretless and 5 string models available along with pickup options for plugging in, the Balor bass from Emerald is a game changer for acoustic basses.   

  • Big bass sound
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Fretless and 5-string models available
balor bass 5 string
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