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Pete Thorn demonstrates unique sounds on the Emerald Virtuo guitar

Pete Thorn On The Virtuo

'Sounds you can't get from other guitars!'

Here at Emerald Guitars, we were delighted when Pete Thorn created a video on our latest model, the Virtuo. Designed as an electric / acoustic guitar hybrid, and featuring electric, acoustic and midi pickup systems, the carbon fiber Virtuo offers a one-guitar-fits-all solution for the gigging musician, as well as a wonderful compositional tool in the studio. Watch as Pete demonstrates how ‘you can get sounds out of this guitar that you can’t get from other guitars.’

carbon fiber virtuo

As guitarist for Chris Cornell, James Blunt, Pink, Melissa Etheridge among many others, Pete Thorn’s name carries much weight throughout the music industry. A self professed ‘Guitar Nerd’, Pete’s Youtube channel, featuring gear demos, lessons and all things guitar, has amassed almost 50 million views.

Pete’s unique approach to guitar demonstration videos and reviews often involves the creation of a piece of music to suit the instrument in question. This time was no different, as Pete put the Virtuo through its paces, writing an original piece of music illustrating the many voices of the instrument, as well as discussing its durability and many practical uses in the studio.

Enjoy Pete’s creative approach to guitar demonstration videos and watch as he creates an original song with the Emerald Guitars Virtuo.

Check out Pete’s Youtube Channel and Social Media Links below:

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