Synergy X20 harp guitar goes to Stefan in Germany

The owner of the first Synergy X20 to go to Germany has just sent us his thoughts on his new harp guitar.

Stefan from beautiful Bavaria first contacted us in January and over the next two months discussed various ideas, before ordering a custom Synergy X20 featuring an additional LR Baggs Lyric pickup system in March, in addition to our standard custom LR Baggs Element stereo system. He received his new Emerald in June and after spending some time with it, let us know what he thought of it.

“First of all, the instrument arrived in perfect condition. I did the unboxing, tuned it a little bit and the guitar was ready to go. I also was surprised that the instrument wasn’t that much out of tune.

I played a few melodies and instantly fell in love with the guitar, even if I couldn’t play it very well in the beginning. But luckily I did have some time for practicing. Here are my opinions on the instruments after a few months of playing:

The finish on this instrument is astounding. The fretboard is nice and shiny. The coating also feels very great. The playability of this instrument is fantastic. You did a great job with the setup of the string action. It was just perfect right out of the box.

Normally I like my necks with an satin finish, but it’s different with this guitar. It plays really fast, even with a coated neck. This surprises me every time I pick up this beauty.


Also a big pro is the ergonomics of this instrument. I did think that it would be very stressful to play such a big instrument, but this guitar fits just perfect.  You did a really great job with the overall design. I can sit on my chair playing for hours without getting any troubles with my back.

The tone of the instrument was great before, but it’s even greater right now, because I did change the strings (on the guitar part). I was very surprised how well-rounded the sound of this carbon guitar is. The overall balance of the harp bass strings and the normal strings is simply amazing. The sustain is wonderful.

To the plugged in sound: I’m really happy, that you did make it custom with the extra L.R. Baggs Lyric. This changes the overall sound of the instrument. It really opens up when I activate the microphone.

All in all you guys did a perfect job with this guitar. You’ve made me an instrument which makes me happy every time I pick it up.

Thank you very much to Stefan for sending us his thoughts on his new Synergy X20. If you would like to find out more about our full size, Irish made carbon fibre harp guitar go to the product page, or get in touch with any questions you may have.


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