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Dennis Lau and the Phoenix Violin

Following on from the success of Steve vai’s Ultra Guitar and the Bahamut Dragon guitar for Wang Leehom Alistair was starting to build a name as the go to luthier for the instruments that nobody else would or indeed could build.

Steve Vai's Ultra Guitar
Bahamut Dragon Guitar

As so often happens one thing leads to another and Malaysian Violinist Dennis Lau fell in love with Leehoms Bahamut guitar and started to persuade Alistair to build him a Violin. 

  At first Alistair wasn’t interested in building violins but Dennis was incredibly persistent and finally after 8 years Alistair agreed to the project and the concept of a Phoenix violin was created to signify Dennis rebirth as an artist.

Phoenix Violin


Dennis traveled to Ireland where Alistair created the Phoenix and sculpted it to fit perfectly with the wings wrapping around Dennis body to create support for the Violin. 

The body was then gilded in 23 carat gold and to complete the design gemstones were placed in the eyes.

Dennis Unveiled “The Phoenix” for the first time at The Phoenix Rising concert in Kuala Lumpur to an amazed audience and has been playing it ever since to audiences all through Asia.

The Phoenix Rising Concert

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Suilleach & The Chosen One

Following on from the Phoenix Dennis commissioned two more Violins. The first was once again a visit to the dragon theme with the creation of Suilleach, a mythical dragon captured in flight and gilded in pure Palladium and then came “The Chosen”, A study in simplicity and elegant form for ease of travel.


The Chosen One

While Alistair had never built a violin before he found that all his previous experience in guitar making had served him well and his skills were able to be relayed on to this new art form.

Alistair once asked Dennis why he chose a Guitar maker to build his dream violin? Dennis simply replied You are the dream maker?

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