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Double neck guitar

More than just 6 string guitars!

At Emerald Guitars, we provide fantastic solutions for those looking for more than 6 strings on their guitar. At any time, we have 7 to 18-string instruments in production and anything up to 36 strings on a single instrument has been produced for custom orders!

Due to our unique carbon fiber construction methods, we can bring to life new and exciting designs which are structurally difficult or even impossible to produce when it comes to wooden instruments. 

The reliability and stability inherent in our designs mean that every instrument is capable of withstanding climates that would otherwise damage a traditional wooden guitar.

All our instruments are built with the player in mind, featuring high quality components and a wealth of customizable options to deliver the guitar of your dreams. 

Double neck guitars

double neck guitar

The Chimaera

“The Chimaera isn’t just a visual showstopper – it’s a unique instrument with a unique voice.
18-string beast is ready to lead you into new creative territory.”

Our Chimaera model features a double neck design incorporating a 6-string on the lower section and a 12-string on the upper. 

Made using our unique one-piece molding technology, the Chimaera is incredibly strong and stable.

Our construction process ensures the instrument is lighter, with a top that is delicate and responsive, yet stiff enough to resist the pull of all 18 strings.

For 12 string guitars, tuning stability can be an issue; keeping all 12 strings in tune can be a real headache.

Emerald’s unique design eliminates this problem.

The strength and stability of the Chimaera’s carbon fiber body means less tuning, more playing, and a rich, shimmering orchestral voice.

With a range of piezo and magnetic pickup options available for acoustic and electric tones, the Chimaera can deliver huge tonal impact!

It’s the ultimate guitar for those who want 12-string and 6-string options in one instrument.

X20 7 string guitar

X20 7strings

Our 7-string X20 is the perfect guitar for someone looking to go a bit lower!
With an additional low
B string below the standard E, you can reach new sonic territories previously unavailable on a standard 6-string.

The added possibilities in bass frequencies are great for not only fans of Metal but also Funk, Neo-Soul and Jazz.

The fanned fret design also means that every string is perfectly intonated and the contoured ergonomic body and heelless neck design gives you hours of playing comfortably without fatigue. 

Synergy X20 & X7

More than just 6 string guitars!

At Emerald, we create not only fantastic guitars and basses from Carbon Fiber but also produce some of the finest Harp guitars available… 

With the Synergy X20 and SynergyX7 models, we have added a set of bass harp strings to our popular acoustic models to create mesmerizing new tones.

This gives the player the ability to add their own beautiful resonant bass accompaniment, and to explore new musical possibilities. 

Our unique carbon fiber construction has allowed us to design truly comfortable instruments which are perfectly balanced both tonally and ergonomically for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

The ported sound hole delivers a fantastic amount of volume for the player to enjoy the full spectrum of frequencies coming from this instrument without sacrificing the structure of the instrument.

Our carbon fiber construction ensures that every instrument is able to withstand the harsh rigors of touring, temperature and humidity changes and whatever else you can throw at it. 

Synergy Uke

synergy Harp Ukelele

Our Synergy series of hybrid harp instruments also includes the Synergy Harp Ukulele

Captivated by the musical possibilities of the harp guitar, we created the Synergy Uke.

Combining deep, sustaining bass tones with the smooth, clear highs of a tenor ukulele, this carbon fiber instrument has a beautiful full-range sound that will bring a smile to any player.

The harp ukulele is something completely different, yet still feels familiar and inviting when first picked up. You’ll be surprised by how much, and how quickly, you fall in love with playing it.  

Adding new sonic possibilities to the tenor ukulele, the Synergy Uke opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for accompanying your own melodies with rich resounding bass.

A perfect choice for existing Uke players looking to add another dimension of possibilities to their sonic palette or for stringed instrument players looking for something out of the ordinary.

Take a look at some of the great music made possible by the Synergy Uke here:

Custom Builds

Emerald Guitars has a storied history of fascinating one-off custom builds for customers looking for something special.

The very first Emerald guitars were unique builds for special clients who were searching for an instrument that other luthiers could not create. 

Kevin Kastning’s custom guitars

Kevin Kastning’s custom guitars double neck

Composer Kevin Kastning had written compositions that needed a new instrument to bring them to life.

Unable to play the music on standard 6 or 12-string guitars and having already tried and failed to get the designs built by luthiers working with wooden instruments, he decided that carbon fiber was the way forward. 

Emerald Guitars’ founder Alistair Hay was approached by Kevin with the idea of building a 30-string double-neck instrument which would allow him to perform his compositions live, and without compromise. 

After much planning and designing, and months of hard work, the ‘Triocha’ (Irish for ‘30’) guitar was born. 

After about six months with the instrument, Kevin surprised Alistair by ordering another custom build, this time with 36 strings!

Alistair was once again up for the challenge, and soon had completed the KK36 guitar.

This double neck, single bridge design came complete with a cello end pin for playing the instrument vertically.

Kevin was thrilled with the end result and marveled at the possibilities offered with the culmination of their work together. 

The collaboration between Alistair and Kevin didn’t stop there however!

Next up was an idea for a nylon string classical guitar, this time with 15 strings and a fanned fret neck. 

This was a step into a whole new world; a 15-string nylon string guitar hadn’t been attempted before.

But Alistair brought the idea to life in spectacular fashion with KK15.

Nylon Guitars

The success of the nylon model led to yet another collaboration…

The idea? A hybrid nylon and steel string guitar!

Having been told by numerous luthiers that it was an impossible task, Alistair accepted the challenge.

Combining the two string sets on one instrument presented major challenges; nylon strung guitars typically have a thinner top to allow for more resonance, so adding the two types and compensating for the tension was a difficult undertaking. 

Once again however, Alistair brought the design to life, albeit not without some moments of frustration along the way!

The KK17 hybrid steel and nylon string guitar brought all the sounds in Kevin’s imagination to life in one instrument. 

The unique blend of the two sets of sounds was a revelation for Kevin.

His dream for the instrument was realized and he could effortlessly produce the sounds in his wonderful compositions, live on one instrument. 

Build your own dream guitar with our 3D builder

At Emerald, we now have on offer a range of 25 models across our collection, with something for every player out there.

Whilst we no longer focus on one of a kind custom creations, we have kept the best of our designs in production for all to access, with an incredible array of options available for customizing them in our 3D builder.

Have a look at our range of fantastic Carbon creations and let us be the inspiration for the soundtrack to your life. 

Emerald Guitars, to make and inspire music. 

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