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Eric Svensson carbon fiber guitar travel

Eric Svensson

Introduce yourself: My name is Eric. I’m a multi-instrumental entertainer and live looping artist from Sweden. I’ve been working full time with music for the

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Embracing Ergonomics in emerald carbon fiber guitars

Embracing Ergonomics

When Alistair started building guitars, he began by making a mold of his own Hohner acoustic guitar. It had everything you’d expect from an acoustic;

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x10 Slimline comparison blog video virtuo emerald guitars

Model Comparison

Emerald X10 Slimline and Emerald Virtuo Want an ultra-reliable stage-ready slimline guitar but not sure which is right for you? This week, we look at

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Kord Semrow

Hi, my name is Kord Semrow. I’m a self taught guitarist. I’ve been playing for close to 25 years now. I write and record instrumentals

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Emerald guitars freedom to travel

The Freedom to Travel

Throughout the history of Emerald Guitars, our stories have been shaped by the very material we use to shape our instruments. Carbon fiber has given

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Jim Kozel and his 12 string Emerald Guitar

Jim Kozel

Introduce yourself: I’m Jim Kozel, a Cleveland, Ohio – based luthier.  I am also a guitarist, songwriter and teacher.  Music is the heart and soul

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Discover the Emerald Guitars X30 Blog

Discover the Emerald X30

Big Jumbo sound, comfortable playability. Throughout Emerald Guitars’ 25 years of instrument design and construction, we have pioneered development in carbon fiber design and construction

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Muriel Anderson and her Emerald synergy X7

Muriel Anderson

Muriel Anderson is the first woman to win the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship. Guitar Player Magazine lists her as one of the top 50 guitarists

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the story of the art guitars

Functional Art

The Story of the Art Guitars As we look back at the history of Emerald Guitars, one of the biggest themes throughout our 10,000 guitars

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Beyond 6 string Emerald Guitars

Beyond 6 Strings

New possibilities in guitar design If you look at the current range of guitars in the Emerald line up you will notice that there is

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While Alistairs vision at Emerald Guitars has always focused on acoustic guitars his love for sculpture and electric guitars has led him to build some of the most unique

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